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Sharon Murdoch

The cartoon by Sharon Murdoch is a penetrating critique of current affairs in this country and the sub-standard quality of investigative journalism.

While it is clearly inspired by the Mediaworks decision to ‘review’ Campbell Live, it speaks to the overall standard of current affairs in this country and indeed our priorities as a nation.


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Sharon Murdoch
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Sharon Murdoch

Political Cartoonist
Sharon Murdoch is a political cartoonist for the Sunday Star Times, and also does two cartoons a week for the Christchurch Press. Born in Invercargill, Sharon moved to Wellington to attend design school. Most of her working life has been as a graphic designer, most notably with the Wellington media Collective and a stint in South Africa working with a Xhosa women’s community development group, where she worked alongside local people drawing comics about early childhood education and AIDS prevention. Over the past few years Sharon has moved into cartooning full-time although she says she still doesn’t regard herself as a real cartoonist. As well as the political cartoons Sharon does a cartoon of a ginger cat called Munro that runs in the Dominion Post and the Christchurch Press. She lives in Wellington with her two daughters, two cats and one husband. Follow Sharon on Twitter at @domesticanimal.